The Sale of Small luxury Homes in Marin County

The Sale of Small luxury Homes in Marin County

The Sale of Small luxury Homes in Marin CountyThe Sale of Small luxury Homes in Marin County

About Bungalows



We are seeing a trend in smaller homes for empty nesters first time homebuyers, and millennials. The less-is-more philosophy has come to the family home, with square footage taking a back seat to quality, functionality, charm and character. 

Michelle started Bungalows of Marin as she saw a desire for smaller homes from her clients and friends.. A "Marin Bungalow" may differ from  the traditional definition a bit. We define bungalows under 1400 square feet, three bedrooms or less, usually with a deck, porch or veranda. Cottage like, quaint and charming. Michelle McCarthy has been working with clients for over 20  years in the real estate industry. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Michelle grew up in Marin County and graduated from the University of San Francisco, 

Buyers and Sellers value her experience, patience, and expertise in purchasing or selling a home in Marin County. She is well versed in the communities and schools here. Her excellence has earned Michelle the devotion of her clients and a respectful reputation amongst the real estate community.

Many Marin homeowners appreciate a bungalow's simplicity, relative affordability and, quite often close proximity to town. Michelle specialize in selling smaller homes, so if you're a proud owner but looking to make a move,  please contact Michelle . Or, if you are interested in buying a smaller home Michelle McCarthy can be easily reached by phone or text at 415-279-5329 or CA License #01443231.